How about dressing up for the prom night?

Get a step closer to be a Prom Queen…

The promenade is the dream event in the life of every school student. In fact, they yearn for this occasion years down the line and now when the prom season is upon, they need to prepare for this mega event. Months of preparations goes into the prom celebrations, as no one wants to be overlooked in this glamorous and joyful moment in their lives. Everyone seems competing with self and others in this race to look sexy and glamorous for this prom evening catching all eyes and attention. This entails progressive decision of prom dress selection, which at times is nerve wrecking to come at. While creativity is the limit in dress selection, it is very important that students also adhere to ethical dress codes to avoid the event to bout.

Deciding on Prom gowns

Another deciding factor in the prom gowns and dresses is that you need to earn a distinction of being the most well dressed. Therefore, it is important that you create your own style in prom gown and dresses and then make that style a mode of reflection of your identity and self. So to do this you need to give due importance to every minute detail and take a precise well-informed decision analyzing yourself for portraying the true reflection in the prom gown or prom dress. It should be a real look you want it for yourself- your true persona.

After deciding on the essence of your dressing, you need to decide whether you want it to be tailor-made or need to buy it from a mall or an online store. In either case, you need to take care of varied metrics- like gown fabric, shade, length, size, design, style as well as the matching accessories and shoes to pomp up your style.

Each parameter is important but above all size matters the most. So you need to be just extra cautious with size as both the over-sized and tight fitting prom gowns will make a huge difference to your personality. So focus on every size detail of your prom gown and dress.

Prom gowns and accessories

Imagine a land without river and a stupendous prom gown without any accessory, well both will look completely barren, drab and extinct. Meaning this plain, barren and dull-looks will certainly emit wrong signals and are quite demoralizing. However, an over decked prom dress too seems to be a distracting feature. Just the right dose of decorum will lend you a presence in the proms.

Choose the right set of jewelry matching your dress and in tune to the shape of your face and skin. It is always better to opt for pearls, as it will make you look serene and simple with divine beauty and will match almost every dress.

If you choose a spaghetti strapped prom dress or gown, then pearl cuff bracelets, pearl rings, pearl earrings, or diamond pendant in a necklace and diamond dangling earrings will surely stand out. Strapless prom dresses will also look good when accentuated with short pearl or diamond pendant necklaces, a bracelet, and bold earrings. The cap-or short-sleeved prom gown and prom dress can be accentuated with a thin pearl bracelets and pearl necklace with pendant.

High-necked prom gowns and dresses likewise will go best with the stone earrings and bracelet in place of a wrist corsage. Meanwhile, a beautiful necklace can go along with a square-necked prom dress. A set of pearl or diamond necklace and earrings will work well with v-shaped prom dresses. Choose simple earrings and use brooch on the neckline instead of a long necklace for plunging prom gowns and dresses.

Hairdo’s with prom gowns

The good hairstyle adds another milestone to your overall appearance. It should complement the design, accessories, and style of your prom dress. To show off your beautiful earrings and necklace, you need to make a proper hairstyle. You can enhance the elegance of even a simple hairstyle using beads and hair clips and other accessories and make a fashion forward statement right away.

Whether you go for a simple, an ornate, or a vintage prom gown or prom dress, you should not miss on these productive pointers. So step forward and mark your presence to stand out of crowd for this once in a lifetime affair you will cherish through your life.

Make a pick for your evenings? Keep tab at the latest trends in evening gowns

Global fashion is leaping ahead dynamically and incessantly with some distinctions staying here and other styles fading away, some getting pared down and still newer fresher dimensions being added.  Top fashion designers strive constantly to reinvent the way we look in clothes. This loop of fashion runs without halt and brings hottest fashion fads for you to spice up your looks for all days and evenings.

Holidays are approaching and so do your plans start thriving to look glamorous for some or the other special events and parties. Now you can choose evening gowns and dresses from the fresh fashion rich staple stores preferably online with convenience of easy shopping and thereby avoid the mad rush in stores. The romantic Evening Wear style trends this year take their queue not from the New York, Milan or London, but direct from the Paris runways. A combination of intricate beadwork, ruching and sparkling brooch bodices with corset-inspired waist in satin looks the strong trend this year. Lace takes the centre stage this year and the geek theme continues, as the Black is still a number one staple in trends for 2006 Evening Wear.

Evening gowns has a lets dance feel to them with 1930s inspired beaded and pleated floor length goddess dresses in aqua and pea colors with elegant draping, flowing gracefully as seen in old movies. Beautiful Versace prints, which looks freshly brushed from artist’s palette over silken chiffon fabrics are back in tropical fruit colors for evening gowns and dresses. You can’t miss on the halter neck or strapless evening dress in soft fluid jersey and crepes, which have clearly fetish undertones designed to make the gown look sexy and desirable as ever. Asymmetry and decorative embellishment, use of crystals and ribbon belts also add a fresh dimension to many styles bringing the designer element to fore.

So you can now rejoice as you get a chance to look your glam best in these sexy, sophisticated and glamorous Evening dresses and Evening Gowns. As you decide your itinerary of social events, you may find the need of alluring chic and fashion forward evening gowns for these events. Take these trends as parameters and select the right style for you. Also, add a stylish open toe pump to complete your ensemble.

If you are invited for an evening party then certainly you will need a floor-length Evening gown hitting the trend bits. So simply pick it in accordance to your personality beaded or simple and jazz up a simple gown with expressive jewelry or a colorful silk wrap. For footwear, try a strappy evening sandal or the latest trend - satin flats for extra style and comfort.

Maybe, you have a couple of after work parties and need an outfit that is festive but not too dressy. So you can choose a gown that is easy to carry at both office and party with equal ease. Black is back, so choose one as it makes a perfect transition for day to evening. You can choose from a line of fashion robes to form fit your curves and look even more stunning. Whatever your plans are, these evening attire will make you look more glamorous and sophisticated than ever. Simply stick on these trends tits bits and enjoy your party!

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Ball gowns are the ripe choice for the season- Find out how?

Whether you plan your wedding itinerary or a trip to a ball dance or be it a white-tie or any formal occasion, you can simply close your eyes and make your pick for the day. Balls gowns are the most formal attire for any social occasion you desire to be a part of. As per the rules of etiquette, a ball gown must be worn where "white tie" or "evening dress" is specified on the invitation.

It is traditionally a full-skirted gown reaching at least to the ankles, made of luxurious fabric, delicately and exotically trimmed. Most versions are cut off the shoulder with décolleté necklines. Such gowns are typically worn with a stole (a formal shawl in expensive fabric), cape or cloak in lieu of a coat, "good" (couture or vintage) jewellery and opera-length gloves. Standard accessories are dancing shoes and a clutch style evening bag. Where "state decorations" are to be worn, they are on a bow pinned to the chest, and married women wear a tiara if they have one.

Among the wining silhouettes that make up for the wedding gowns, ball gowns make the most likely combination with flattering silhouette and style. Ball gowns as wedding dress or wedding gown incorporates a natural or dropped waist, set off with a full skirt. Extremely flattering to the waist, the volume of this style might overtake the petite bride; also, it is an ideal choice for an average height bride with a very romantic taste.

Well but the theme for the 2006 ball is portraits of a glamorous art deco. Strapless ball gowns with nude-colored piping along vertical seams that culminated in a trumpet-shaped hemline —are quite a popular style that showed up for this ball event 2006. A full-skirted strapless black tulle gown covered with loopy white embroidery is a real eye-catcher for the ball 2006. Beside this an art deco theme is seen with truly exquisite black silk gown featuring a delicate swathe of pleated off-white fabric sweeping high across the front and dipping down in the back,. The other theme in ball gowns is the one with crystal-beaded with dark blush colored cowl neck gown festooned with vintage deco diamond clips at the shoulders and worn with matching diamond bracelets and rings.

Many women this ball choose to go strapless in an ice blue gown with an inverted pleat at the front, while some wants to turn up in a purple column ball gown. Beside this, the colors like orange pink and green silk gowns with wiry floral pattern floral embroidery has echoed almost perfectly for the ball gowns 2006. Fashion-forward looks in a cream pleated goddess gown, the style tip ensemble includes a long black tulle skirt, and white tulle top, cinched with a black belt looks very chic!

So translate your looks in the ball gowns, no matter be it a column or A-line, dark or light, beaded or embroidered, match it with pumps or bolero and you are a perfectly glamorous look well fitted to the very picture of a glamorous bal event.

Bridal Gowns | Designer Bridal Gowns | Discount Bridal Gowns

Few helpful tips to make choosing that perfect bridal/wedding gown easier.

So you have got engaged and your wedding date has been fixed. There is an air of excitement and anxiousness. You have lots of wedding shopping and preparations to be done. The biggest of them all is your wedding/bridal gown.

Every girl has grown up with this dream of walking down the aisle with her Prince charming. Therefore such important event requires you to look no less than an angel. In short, your bridal gown needs to give you that look out-of-this-world look.

You might be tempted to go our right and buy the gown. However, it is always advisable to first decide the wedding and reception venue before you actually finalize on your gown. This will give you a better understanding of the colour and designs that will go well with the venue e.g. you know you need to avoid long trains and veils which could easily drag dirt as the venue is your backyard or a beach. Similarly you might need a formal gown for a church or something casual if the same happens at the beach or your backyard.
Though, sky is the limit when you want to experiment with your bridal gown (does not imply you go over board), but you can also resort to some tried and trusted styles that should help you earn a decent look. The most popular of the lot is 'Cinderella wedding’, a classic ball gown or princess gown,
which is distinguished by a tight, form-fitting bodice and full skirt followed by A-Line style dresses. There is also a Couture Wedding Gown for those who are looking for utmost in elegance and sophistication and are upscale in design and fabric. The empire wedding gowns and Mermaid and Sheath wedding gowns too draw quite a popular preference among brides. You can stock your shelves with some bridal magazines or visit fashion websites to get a fair idea about the latest trends in bridal and wedding gowns.

But if you cannot decide on one or the one you like is out of your budget, you can have one custom made at a considerable lesser cost than it’s original. By simply identifying cost-effective fabrics like polyester taffeta versus silk taffeta or clear beading versus crystals can help bring down the cost of the gown drastically without missing out on its looks. However, it is very important that you check out with friends or relatives about the credibility, experience, work quality of the gown maker. Ask for testimonials and referrals before you finalize your order. It is important that you get a few important points clarified like if the bead work is sewn or glued or if bra-padding and sewn- in crinoline are used. These could make a big difference.

Many fashion houses offer previous season gown and dresses at considerable lower prices. Besides, many departmental stores too offer heavy discounts on such special occasion gown and dresses. You can also use a gown worn by a family member. This can save you considerable amounts. You will only have to bear a minimal alteration costs. The second hand shops too work out to be a great option for testing your luck at finding your kind of gown at a reasonable lower price. (Click here to know more on how you can buy your dream gown within your budget)

Whichever wedding/bridal gown you select from the always popular A-line to stunning ball gowns, mermaid wedding dresses or empire style gowns, informal wedding gowns, casual wedding dresses or even a line of specialty renaissance bridal gowns you must be comfortable wearing it.

Your wedding or bridal gown may look fabulous on the fire hook. But it needn’t be the same when your wear it. It is very important that you take into consideration your figure and body structure and decide on one that is comfortable and flatters your figure the best. You could visit the following (link of our article) to know how to select that perfect gown that will make you look like a princess)

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Spring Dresses | Spring 2006 | 2006 Summer Dresses | Designer Spring Dresses | Spring Collection


Reign impressive, this spring summer, in swaying silhouettes veering around sleek skirt styles and chic shifts to delicate baby doll looks. Get a head start in this season with something ruflly in clean silhouettes and in the soft pastels and white. The season is an absolute charmer with fresh and airy appeal of the season’s best with no place for vintage and retro looks. Keep the looks simple be it a dominant black ideally for falls or a whites and creams for spring summer.

Anyhow, spring summer overture calls for a long, billowing, romantic silhouette, one that sets focus on the waist while layers of wispy frothy chiffon smoothly cascade over the body. This hints a poetic inspiration and brings to fore the true femininity of women. Nothing exudes elegance like the breezy feeling of a gorgeous dress accented by incredible yet simple detail. However, this spring summers brings you an effortless silhouette, to make fashion simple with sophistication. Wear a piece of this robe and you are ready to take on the day, morning to evening feeling beautiful than ever!

Feel light n airy

Summer brings a sense of simplicity and airiness, replicated by technological advancements and the individualistic fashion, gives a way to mass fashion with plethora of options to choose the best dress in the best color and style for the season. The season calls for light airy flimsy skirts and dresses in flowing chiffons and illustrious jerseys. Dress up in the classic shades of red, white and blue splash to get the nautical inspiration for the season in sexy striking solid colors and floral fancy. Who said you can’t look like your favorite Hollywood celebrity? So you saw that yellow chiffon dress on your fav celeb and have been dreaming about it ever since. Well, your dreams may just come true. A celebrity-inspired dress for Prom is a hot ticket and your backstage pass to shining like a true star.

But how about not including the versatile white in your wardrobe, well the spring summer displays a wonderful array of options for the fresh and innocent look in this achromatic color in sweltering sun. A symbol of femininity and elegance, white speaks volume and is the real embellishment. Make waves in the timeless tones of white and up do in contrasting accessories.

Feel the innocence in white

So you think its all about the little black dress, don’t you? Well think again because this is the season for the white dress. It’s no longer trendy to stay safe in black, instead the latest trend is to swathe yourself in the pure innocence of this achromatic color.

Wear it solid, mixed with black or tinged with vibrant hues, you get to see the wealth of white on the spring runways proving the season would not be the same without this divine band of white. From crisp cottons to soft fluid goddess-worthy jerseys and tailored silks, these day dresses intermittent with crochet inserts or jewel-trimmed eveningwear - white is the way to go ahead. You can also choose from the charming array of off-white, Ivory and cream colors and dress up and down to beat the popularity of whites.

Hit the runways or town ways in just jersey

Jersey is reckoned for its classic silhouette and comfort, and so seems evident, this mad rush for designers clinching for this ultimate material. Designers are unleashing fantastic summer silhouettes in the silky soft fabric just in time for those toasty months ahead. And yes, jersey can be just elegant and refined- be it for the office to a night out after work. Your flirty feminine number can be glamourized an inch further with the ideal summer accessory – the belt. Add a little detail with a dainty band or funk it up with a chunky colorful shape. From the runway to a town way, get ready to gear up for a fashionable season and you!

Evening Glamour for the season

Whether you are looking for that swanky evening gown spotted on your favorite celebrity or a classic gown for your black tie gala, the trend for the evenings leans towards fluid satin flowing styles that accentuate the figure in all the right places. Be it draping, gathers or dramatic trailing trains, there is something for every body type for the season. So if you want to emphasize your figure? Try a gown with a gathered waistline. Want to look leaner? Opt for a gown with an empire waistline. But if you just want to look feminine, classy and elegant choose one of these entrance charmers in chiffon, georgette, satin or silky satin. Yet if glamour is what you are after, slip into a bedazzled number, one with sparkle shine and glimmer. Choose the season’s fad - rich embroidered and hand beaded fantasies to make others envy your dress. Whatever your choice, whatever your occasion, you will be sure to look exceptional in the season’s best evening gowns.

Rhapsody in Blues for spring formals...

Spring formal fashions in blue inspire hope. Sky blue, aqua, and baby blue hues mark the delicate formal dress designs of Spring, as well as shades of sage and cornflower and blush colors. Black on white mixed with color blocks portray classic style. Blue is the color of hope, friendship, and peace, timely themes for a turbulent world. Spring fashion designers show blue highlights in silk tops, polka dot dresses, and crinkle fabrics. Styles like overlays and flyaways add romance and charm, while simple silhouettes of empire, a-line, and princess shapes make the look timeless in blues. So get ready for the spring summer blues.

Prom galas for this Spring Summer...

White formal fashions are also back this year. All these rainbow-hued dresses - are just not for you? Well you are in luck because this season, the white dress - be it long, embellished, classic or satin - is just what you need to exude that pure prom queen style. Bright shades are equally in, with sunset orange, citrus yellow or popsicle pink, the brights are leading the way. Not bold enough for a complete dose, try choosing a dress with bright color accents. No doubt, pink is in, always was, and always will be, however, this season is particularly strong on the pink prom dress. Perhaps it's a return to femininity that has pink's popularity at an all time high, whatever it is, we think that it is, and always will be the best way to achieve your princess prom fantasies.

Beaded satin blends traditional elegance with modern latino influences. Last year was all about sequins but this year beading has taken hold as the most popular embellishment for prom. Tonal and metallics to encrusted and sprinkled - beads will add spark and dazzle to any dress.
Well you can look for corsets and organza in 2006 formal prom dresses and gowns. Classic Corsets are a new twist, bringing back the feminine fiqure and providing a backdrop for intricate brocades and embellished beadwork.

Tiers of Joy

Ruffles/tiers are everywhere, be it to ornate the bustline or trim your hem, ruffles make a statement and add a chic glam factor to any dress. Stemmed from summer’s prairie skirt rage, tiered skirts are having a serious comeback. This trend can go to a unique route: the refined ballroom skirt or the breezy “peasant dress”. Add a touch of lace this prom for that romantic mileage. Laces in rainbow colors mix for that feminine with traditional appeal dosed with modern looks to look great in your proms. A short one duster or a longer -chapels and trains, whatever you say but these can turn any gown into a romantic fantasy.

Highs and Lows

Last year’s asymmetrical hem has been replaced by the “high-low” dress. The hem, which is short in the front and longer in the back, is so unique and adorable, you'll have all eyes on you! It's a great alternative because it's short enough to dance in but long enough to look dressy. Those of you who can’t choose between the formal full length or the bold attempt to go short, don’t sweat it. Choose this hi/low dress- shorter in the front and longer in the back. Sound weird? Maybe, but the look screams glamour. Try walking into a room full of long gowns. I’m sure you can guess- all eyes on you!

While many of America is discussing politics and the economy, some are simply dreaming of their spectacular prom gowns, beautiful wedding dresses and evening gowns.

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Fall Collection | Fall Dresses | Fall 2006 | Fall 2006 Collection present the best prom gowns,evening gowns Dresses,cocktail dresses,black dresses,beaded dresses,two piece dresses,daytime dresses,ball gowns,bridal gowns and plus size dresses and gowns

The fall season commands the sharp looks rather then soft pretty looks of the past.Fall dresses in our Fall collection brings in the seasonal flavor with a keen defined sharp cuts for that clean silhouette and shape. Fall 2006 brings innocence and temptation together with gilding rich fabrics and lavish flowing fabrics. The Fall 2006 collection cleverly explores the possibilities of texture and layering, while the palette, though predominantly dark, is occasionally electrified with brilliant flashes of other hues. You are sure to feel a dramatic touch with our fall dresses couture and that the fashion is moving in an intriguingly new direction.


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